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AXROMA Olefin / Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions



Wonderful summer time with charming bikinis, wavy hair, ice cream and cocktails to decorate the season so colorful and cheerful. It’s also the crucial show time of parasols, decorative cushions, chaise lounge and the else outdoor furniture which are most frequently used in summer. Let’s discuss the top concerned topic with all consumers: How to maintain and clean OLEFIN fabrics.



 Routine Maintenance

AXROMA Olefin quality warranty: Officially 2 years of quality assurance, but the fabrics could be kept around5 to 7 years in good conditions under the proper maintenance of consumers.


1.In winter or under severe weather (Tornado, Hurricane or Heavy Rain), please keep outdoor stuffs ( cushions, pillows, parasols…etc.) in house, and avoid the fabric damage caused by snow, wind or low temperature.


2.Keep Fabrics away from heat and flame; all polypropylene, acrylic, polyester and most petroleum derivatives products are afraid of high temperatures.


3.Various fabrics have different structures and textures; do not excessively stretch fabrics while using. 


4. Keep fabrics away from oil which will block the air-permeable micro pores and cause molds so to affect the fabric’s performance.


5.The wrinkled fabric can be ironed ( withlow temperature) or pressed flat under some warm objects for a while ( such as akettle bottom but not too hot ), otherwise the fabric will be destroyed directly.


6. The best toolsfor cleaning the fabrics are the soft brush, sponge or a clean white towel.


7. After washing/cleaning, let them air dry at room temperature, and not tumble dry.


 Cleaning Instructions: 

The performance of the water repellency usually will be reduced after washing, but it will not be washed away because the protective treated elements for the fabrics will be sustained for the water repellency.


1.Do not use hot water to wash the fabrics; the temperature of water should be under 38 degrees Celsius( 100.4 Degrees Fahrenheit ) while washing.


2.Before cleaning, make sure if there’re zippers, buttons or Velcro attachment to zip up, button up and attach well.


3.Rinse off with clean water firstly, then add with detergent (mixed in a ratio of 1:5) until bubbles appear, and finally rinse out withclean water.


4.For the stubborn stains or the stains of special colors adhering to the surface of the fabrics,

please consider to use the diluted bleach on a small area, then rinse off with clean water finally.

Do NOT use strong bleach.



Friendly Reminder:

After cleaning, if the water-repellency never works, we will provide after-sales service for those fabrics are not damaged by collecting them for further treatment, so that the fabrics could be used normally and continuously.


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